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Income tax and QST/GST tax problems?


In these times of economic conjuncture, we are at work for you!

Our firm specializes in tax law representation; Canadian and International. We are licensed tax preparators for Canada and/or Québec. Our expertise is in litigation, mediation and representation with the Revenue Agencies for Québec and Canada.

We can offer support to your internal accounting staff and/or provide complete accounting services to suit your needs.

We can also sit on your regular or exceptional boards as needed.

Average Joe and Jane, self-employed workers, owners of renovations, construction, catering, and transport companies; real estate and other professionals; your personal, corporate, taxes, DAS and payments of instalments are not in quarantine.

The tax season is not canceled!

You have the obligation to produce your declarations at the new dates announced and we are here for that, we will also help you plan your payment on the postponed dates.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we remain available for the continuation.

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Income tax return, undeclared income, unfiled tax return, unpaid back taxes, tax deduction for business expenses refused.

Tax DefendersTM is an independent organization, specialized in the field of providing cost-effective tax related services to solve tax problems under one roof.

We promote negociation with tax authorities.

Tax DefendersTM provides help and assistance to find solutions to problems related to income tax, sales taxes, and other related problems at an affordable cost.