Tax Defenders inc.

Do you need help to solve tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or with Revenue Quebec (MRQ) concerning:

Income tax return, undeclared income, unfiled tax return, unreported sales tax GST QST HST PST, DAS, unpaid back taxes, tax deduction for business expenses or for invesment refused, seizure, tax pardon, etc.

Tax DefendersTM is an independent organization, specialized in the field of providing cost-effective tax related services to solve tax problems at a single point of contact.

Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, information, support to find solutions to problems related to income tax, sales taxes (GST, QST, HST, PST, TDAS, oil tax, gas tax, etc.)

Tax Defenders ™ has helped individuals and businesses across Canada solve their tax problems at federal, provincial and municipal levels with proven methods that are ethical, lawful and conform to the highest standard. Reasonable fees are charged for ''equitable defence'' to all, not only to the well-off and large corporations who used to be the only ones who could afford such services.

We work closely with our multidisciplinary team formed by our own employees and our external partners and contributors to find solutions to our clients' tax problems. Most cases are settled by negotiating with the Canadian tax authorities, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec. We have recourse to specialized lawyers only when it becomes necessary.

Tax DefendersTM Services :

  • Accounting, forensic accounting, investigative accounting;
  • Audit planning, support in view of an audit;
  • Business consultation regarding tax matters;
  • Contest of a notice of assessment sent by the Canada Revenue Agency or by Revenue Quebec with or without penalty, interest, etc. (contest a notice of objection, of determination, a decision, penalties, interests, etc.
  • Court defence, legal representation (recourse to specialized lawyers in such cases)
  • Dispute and conflict resolution services: agreement or settlement with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec;
  • Financial planning related to payments of income tax and sales taxes GST QST HST;
  • Fraud detection, fraud finding;
  • Income tax problem solving by arbitration;
  • Income tax return preparation, tax report for back taxes;
  • Litigation support (recourse to specialized lawyers when required)
  • Negotiation of a agreement or a settlement with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec (or both federal and provincial governments) for debt relief of income tax and sales taxes payable in Quebec and Canada : Quebec Sales Tax (QST) and Goods and Services Sales Tax (GST);
  • Objection to an assessment, an ''Avis d'opposition'' or to a decision made by the Canada Reveue Agency or Revenu Quebec;
  • Production of late income tax return for previous years, for Quebec and Canada;
  • Representation in court (recourse to specialized lawyers in such case)
  • Revision of income tax returns and tax reports GST QST in view of an audit;
  • Sales tax report and income tax filing;
  • Tax amnesty on a NO-NAME basis, tax pardon, voluntary disclosure (possible when certain conditions are met);
  • Tax investigation support (recourse to specialized lawyers if required);
  • Tax planning for payment of income tax and taxes (GST QST), DAS, tax effect of environmental regulations or other tax related matters and personal obligations for business owners, managers, shareholders, partners, etc.
  • Tax problem resolution related to financial, administrative matters in the Montreal Quebec area and regions;
  • Voluntary disclosure;
  • Help, support, assistance with other tax matters.